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Buying Advise

1. RegisterIn order to buy or sell items on My Pricelow you must become a registered member. To register, go to the registration page, you're required to provide your contact details and setup a user account. Your contact details are supplied to the seller after an auction ends, so make sure they are correct. Your 'User ID' must be unique and will be your identification on My Pricelow. You will need your 'User ID' to sign in and access member areas.

2. Search for an itemYou can search for items by category or keyword.
Click the Buy tab on the top of each page to search by category or use the search box on the top of each page to search by keyword.

3. Check the item and seller After finding what you're looking for, click on it to view the details. Read the item description carefully; check the item details such as type, model, size, photo, video and colour etc. Check the postage and insurance costs and the payments methods. If you have any questions, contact the seller directly.

Have a look at the Seller's profile and view their Ratings to see what other members have said about them. You can also see how many other items they are selling.

4. Place a bid or Buy Me NowPlace a bid or Buy Me Now and experience the buzz of saving money! Enter the highest price you are willing to pay for the item and My Pricelow's Auto-Bidding system will bid on your behalf.
Some items have a Buy Me Now option; you can purchase these items instantly without having to wait.

5. PayingAfter you have won or purchased the item contact the seller to complete the sale. The seller should send you an invoice with their payment details. If the seller accepts PayPal, or Alectpay, or Google Checkout, or My Pricelow Buyer & Seller Escrow payment and you know the total due, you can pay instantly by completing My Pricelow's Checkout procedure.

6. After the purchaseLeave a Rating for the seller to provide other members with an indication to how well the seller performed in the sale.

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