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Buyer Payment Method

To ensure that buyer’s purchase is protected, use a secure payment method that provides buyer protection when buying on My Pricelow. DO NOT send payments via Western Union, Money gram, direct bank transfer or cash/money order and if a seller asks you to do please report it to us immediately-anyone who ask you to do so is a scammer.

In your report make sure you include seller's ID, Product website address URL or Product ID, Your member ID, Screenshot of the chat record or email(s) between the seller and you.

Transaction made using My Pricelow escrow secured Buyers and Sellers payment protects both buyer and seller 100% guaranteed.

Remember to review your seller's feedback ratings and transaction history before committing to a purchase. If you're unable to contact the seller after a purchase, file a dispute with your payment provider.

Acceptable Buyer Payment options:


My Pricelow Escrow Buyer and Seller Payment

  • Pay with your Credit/debit Cards
  • Pay using your PayPal account or Amazon Pay account or Google Pay via Interac e-transfer, Apple Pay via Interac e-transfer, Interac e-transfer account
  • Resolution Centre
  • Protect both Buyers and Sellers
  • Buyer and Seller Protection policy

Google Pay

  • Keep your credit card & email address confidential
  • Track all your orders & shipping in one place
  • Google Pay Claim

Apple Pay

Amazon Payments

Interac e-transfer

Credit Cards