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Company informationFounded in August 2011 as my price is low, from which the company derived its named My Pricelow in the city of Toronto. My Pricelow Inc. is a Canadian company that manages www.mypricelow.ca, an online trading and shopping website where people and businesses can buy and sell goods and services worldwide. The company (as in My Pricelow Inc.) operates four primary business segments: (1) Marketplaces, (2) Payments (3) Video Advertisements (4) Seller-Buyer Chat

Marketplaces:The Marketplaces segment allows participants to buy products and services over the internet. The marketplaces business in divided in two parts, fixed price constitute 60% and auction constitute 40%. This segment earns revenues from store fee, feature and final value fees paid by sellers, lead referral fee and advertising fees.

Payments:The Payment segment consists of multiple payment gateways that support Amazon Payment, Apple Pay (via interact e-transfer), Google Pay (via Interac e-transfer), PayPal, My Pricelow Escrow and Interac e-transfer, which enable individuals and businesses to securely send and receive payments online. The advantage of more than one secured payment gateways offers businesses and consumer additional option and control, access to new markets with localized payment options, competitive advantage over competition and more. This segment earns revenues from third party payment gateways on a commission base and from its own payment gateways “My Pricelow Escrow”.

Video advertisementThe Video advertisement segment, is system based Ad-Sense which allow sellers to generate additional income by uploading their videos. They vast majority of videos uploaded on My Pricelow web sites are free to view and supported by video advertising, which allows the up loader (Individuals sellers and businesses) of the video to share the revenue produced in respective of the product/items in question.

Sellers-Buyers Chat (Messenger)The Sellers-Buyers Chat segment provides cutting-edge communication platforms to engage, qualify, and allows businesses to provide real-time support at the speed that consumer’s expert. If a user is send a message while offline, this app sends an alert to both email and SMS (via mobile), thereby keeping the users in the loop. They are beneficial for both the buyers and the sellers.

  • For Buyers: The tool allows smooth communication between the buyer and the seller. A buyer can put his/her queries or doubts about a particular product and the seller can respond to him/her quickly.
  • For Sellers: Sellers can gain insights into the kind of product customers want to buy and make him/her an offer. Sellers can also introduce specific products to potential buyers and more.
  • Increased security of buyer-seller communication, improved buyer-seller communication to help reduce disputes and claims and more.
    This segment earns revenues from sellers-buyers chat subscription and advertisement fee.

MissionOur mission is to help you save more for less.-always. Whether you are buying or selling you can be rest assure my price is low. We are proud to lead by example as a responsible, caring and sustainable company in the community we serve, is of utmost important to us.

Our CommitmentSeven years ago, Paschal Onumajuru founded My Pricelow as a platform for people to shop and trade goods and services at the lowest price. Since then, My Pricelow has grown but our commitment is still the same. In Canada, My Pricelow’s mission is clear-whether you are buying or selling my price is low. We believe Canadians deserve access to quality services at the low prices. That’s our commitment to you.