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Polices & Rules

Policy A About Me Guidelines policy
Accepted Payments policy
Age Requirements policy
Airbags policy
Airline Industry Items policy
Airline Uniforms policy
Alcohol policy
Ammunition policy
Animals and Wildlife Products policy
Anti-circumvention policy
Appealing Unpaid Item Strikes policy
Art policy
Artifacts policy
Authenticity Disclaimers policy
Autographed Items policy
Autographs policy
Automobile Listing policy policy
Avoiding My Pricelow fees policy Policy B Baby Walkers policy
Beer and Beer-Making Kits policy
Being Outbid policy
Bid Retraction policy
Bidding Artificial or Shill Bidding policy
Birds policy
Birth Certificates policy
Board Usage policy
Body Parts policy
Bonuses and Prizes policy
Boot Discs policy
Bootleg Recordings policy
Brand Name Misuse policy
Bundled Software policy
Burial policy
Buying Rules policy Policy CCatalogue and URL Sales policy
Catalogue Sales policy
Catalytic Converters policy
Categorization policy
Cave Formations policy
CB Amplifiers policy
CD-R policy
Celebrity Material policy
Cell Phone Service Contracts policy
Chance Listings policy
Chocolates with Liqueurs policy
Choice Listings policy
Circumventing Fees policy
Clothing - Used policy
Coins policy
Commenting to My Pricelow Aboutthe Sitepolicy
Compatibility policy
Compilation and Informational Media policy
Contact Information: False or Missing policy
Contact Information - Proper Use policy
Contact Information Rules policy
Contracts and Tickets policy
Copies policy
Copy Protection policy
Cordless Telephones policy
Cosmetics - Used policy
Counterfeit Currency and Stamps policy
Counterfeit Items policy
Coupons policy
Crafts policy
Credit Cards policy
Credits for Third Party Solutions policy
Cubic Zirconium policy Policy D Diamonds policy
Digitally Delivered Goods policy
Discrimination policy
Discussion Boards policy
Domain Name policy
Downloadable Media policy
Drug Descriptions policy
Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia policy
Duplicate Listings policy
Duplicating Copy-Protected Material policy
DVD-R policy Policy E Electronic Surveillance Equipment policy
Electronics Equipment policy
Email policy
Email Addresses: Invalid or Dead Email Addresses policy
Email Threats policy
Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries policy
Employee Trading policy
Encouraging Infringement policy
Encouraging Illegal Activity policy
Event Tickets policy
Excessive Shipping and Handling Charges policy
Export Duties policy
Ecstacy policy Policy F Faces, Names and Signatures policy
False or Missing Contact Information policy
Feedback policy
Feedback Abuse, Withdrawal and Abuse policy
Feedback Extortion policy
Feedback in Seller's Terms and Conditions policy
Feedback Removal policy
Feedback Restriction policy
Feedback Manipulation policy
Fees - Circumvention or Avoidance policy
Final Value Fee Credit Abuse policy
Firearms policy
Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria policy
Fireworks policy
Food policy
Forged, Facsimile and Reproduction Stamps policy
Fraud policy
Freon policy
Funerals policy Policy G Game Enhancers policy
Games Software policy
Gems policy
Gift Cards policy
Giveaways, Raffles, and Prizes policy
Government Documents policy
Government IDs and Licenses policy
Government Transit Uniforms policy
Grave policy
Guns policy Policy H Hazardous Materials policy
Human Parts and Remains policy
Policy IID - Government policy
Identity - Publishing Contact Information policy
Identity - False or Missing Contact Information policy
Identity - Misrepresentation policy
Identity - User IDs policy
Identity Overview policy
Impersonation policy
Import Duties policy
Importation of Goods into Canada policy
Information Sales policy
Intellectual Property - Copyrights policy
Intellectual Property - Trademarks policy
International Trade policy
International Trading - Buyers policy
International Trading - Sellers policy
Invalid Bid Retraction policy
Invalid Bidding policy
Invalid Contact Information policy
Invalid or Dead Email Addresses policy
Item Listing Miscategorization policy
Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described policy removed Policy J Javascript policy
Jewellery policy Policy K Key Word Spamming policy
Knives policy Policy L Legal Agreements with Third Parties policy
License Plates policy
Licenses policy Linking to Descriptions policy
Linking to My Pricelow from Your Website policy
Linking to Email or Webforms policy
Linking to Photos policy
Linking to Terms and Conditions policy
Links policy
Listing policy: Academic Software
Listing policy: Alcohol
Listing policy: Anti-circumvention policy
Listing policy: Authenticity Disclaimers
Listing policy: Baby Walkers
Listing policy: Beta Software
Listing policy: Bootleg Recordings
Listing policy: Brand Name Misuse
Listing policy: Catalogue and URL Sales
Listing policy: Comparison policy
Listing policy: Contracts and Tickets
Listing policy: Copyrights
Listing policy: Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
Listing policy: Downloadable Media
Listing policy: Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries
Listing policy: Event Tickets
Listing policy: Faces, Names and Signatures
Listing policy: Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria
Listing policy: Fireworks
Listing policy: Games Software
Listing policy: Government IDs and Licenses
Listing policy: Human Parts and Remains
Listing policy: Importation of Goods into the United States
Listing policy: International Trading - Buyers
Listing policy: International Trading - Sellers
Listing policy: Misleading Titles
Listing policy: Mod Chips
Listing policy: Movie policy
Listing policy: OEM Software
Listing policy: Offensive Material
Listing policy: Plants and Seeds
Listing policy: Police-Related Items
Listing policy: Pre-Sale Listings
Listing policy: Stocks and Other Securities
Listing policy: Stolen Property
Listing policy: Tobacco
Listing policy: Trademarks
Listing policy: Travel
Listing policy: Unauthorized Copies
Listing policy: Used Clothing
Listing policy: Voting Offences
Listings - Choice policy
Lists policy
Lockpicking Devices policy
Lottery Tickets policy Policy M My Pricelow Logo policy
Mailing Lists policy
Malicious Bidding/Buying policy
Manipulating Feedback policy
Marketing Drugs policy
Mature Audiences policy
Member Identity policy
Member User IDs policy
Miscategorization - Listings policy
Misleading Titles policy
Misrepresentation of Identity policy
Misusing Bid Retraction policy
Mod Chips policy
Mortgage Notes policy
Listing policy: Compilation and Informational Media
Movie Prints policy
Multi-Level Marketing policy
Multiple Listings policy Policy N Names policy
Narcotics policy
Native American policy
Native American Grave Artifacts policy
Native American Items, Crafts and Reproduction policy
Nazi Items policy
No Item policy
Non-Binding Bid policy X
Non-Paying Bidder policy X
Non-payment policy X
Non-selling Seller policy Policy O Odometer Modification Devices policy
OEM Software policy
Off-My Pricelow Transactions policy
Offensive Email policy
Offensive Material policy
Offering Drugs policy
Offers to Buy or Sell Outside of My Pricelow policy
Outages policy
Policy P Passports policy
Pearls policy
Pesticides policy Likely to removed
Philatelia policy
Photo Linking policy policy
Pilot Programs policy
Plants and Seeds policy
Playboy policy
Police-Related Items policy
policy: Anti-Circumvention policy
policy: Comparison policy
Ponzi Schemes policy
Postal Service Uniforms policy
Pre-Sale Listings policy Previously Suspended Users policy
Private Feedback policy
Profanity policy
Prohibited Countries policy
Public figures policy
Publishing Contact Information Privacy policy
Purchase Notes policy
Pyramid Schemes policy Policy R Racial policy
Radar Detectors policy
Radar Jamming Devices policy
Raffles policy
Real Estate policy
Real Estate - Non-binding Bid policy
Recalled Items policy
Recordable Media policy
Registration policy
Remains policy
Removing an Unpaid Item Strike policy
Removing Feedback policy
Replica Items policy
Reproduction Coins and Stamps policy
Reserve Price Violations policy
Restricting Buyer Feedback policy
Ripping Software policy Policy S Sales Outside of My Pricelow policy
Satellite and Cable TV Descrambers policy
Scanners policy
Search Manipulation - Keyword Spamming policy
Securities policy
Seeds policy
Seller Return Policies
Service Contracts policy
Shill Bidding policy
Shipping and Handling - Excessive Charges policy
Shipping: Excessive Shipping Charges policy
Sign Posts policy
Signal Changers policy
Signatures policy
Signposts policy
Site Interference policy
Slot Machines policy
Snails policy
Social Security Cards policy
Software - Academic policy
Solicitation of Off-site Sales policy
Software - OEM policy
Stamps policy
Steroids policy
Stocks and Other Securities policy
Stolen Property policy
Stun Guns policy
Surcharges - Payment policy
Suspended policy Policy T Tax policy
Terms and Conditions - Linking policy
Terms and Conditions of use
Test Pipes policy
Titles - Misleading policy
Tobacco policy
Transaction Interception policy
Transaction Interference policy
Transit Documents policy
Transit Industry Items policy
Transportation Industry Items policy
Travel policy Policy U Unauthorized Copies policy
Unauthorized Recordings - Bootlegs policy
Unauthorized Recordings - Downloadable policy
Underage Users policy
Uniforms - Government and Transit policy
Unpaid Item Appeal policy
Unpaid Item Credit Abuse policy
Unsolicited Commercial Email policy
Unsolicited Ideas policy
Unwelcome Buying policy
Unwelcome Email policy
Used Clothing policy
Used Cosmetics policy
Used Underwear policy
User policy
User ID policy
User Identification policy
User Ids policy
User Identity policy Policy V Vehicle Identification Numbers - VIN policy
Vehicles title policy
Voting Offences policy
Vehicles emissions policy
Vehicles imported policy
Vehicles selling policy
Vulgar policy Policy W Want Ads and Trades policy
Warranties policy
Weapons & Knives policy
Weeds policy
Wildlife Products policy
Wine and Wine-making Kits policy
Wireless Service Contracts policy
Wiretaps policy