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Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Before you list an item

         1. Learn about our fee structure - no upfront risk - all fees are GST inclusive. Fees

         2. Consider applying for 'Australia Post Verification' and or other verification to increase the confidence of members dealing with you.

         3. If you are not sure about anything. You can post messages on the My Pricelow Forums and ask other sellers' questions or opinions or view our help topics.

Listing your item

         1. Please read our Listing Policy and Prohibited Items List before listing items.

         2. Provide a full and accurate description of the item for sale.

         3. Where possible, include a clear photo or photos, and your own video or videos.

         4. Set the start price at the lowest price you will accept. There is no reserve price.

         5. State your postage/delivery, insurance and handling charges clearly and include payment and postage instructions.

         6. Provide details of any return policy you may offer. 

         7. Do you accept returns? What time-frame do you allow for a return? Do you give refunds?

After a successful auction

         1. Be polite, patient and understanding to buyers. It may be their first time using an auction site.

         2. Confirm payment and delivery details to the buyer as soon as possible, either by sending an invoice or by email.

         3. Do not charge excessive postage or more than the postage stated. Excessive postage charges are strictly prohibited and can result in the cancellation of the sale or account suspension.

         4. Allow at least 5 days for the buyer to make payment. Do NOT send the item until the funds have cleared.

         5. Promptly forward the item to the successful buyer on completion of the transaction.

         6. Leave a Rating for your buyer to provide other members with an indication on how well the buyer performed in the sale.