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VAT/Tax Info

Tax Information

Canada Revenue Agency (CPA) enforces the provisions of tax in order to ensure that all Canadians pay their taxes. CPA advises Canadians that the income they earn online (e.g. www.mypricelow.ca) is taxable.

My Pricelow sellers in Canada should know that the tax laws that apply to traditional commerce also apply to online (as in electronic commerce) sales. Our system automatically calculates your sale tax based on your state/province, making it easy for you to remit your sales taxes to CPA.

Any orders that are shipped on or after January 1, 2012 will be charged the taxes and rates below.

  • Nova Scotia:HST at 15% (including GST portion)
  • New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Ontario: HST at 13% (including GST portion)
  • British Columbia: HST at 12% (including GST portion)
  • Quebec: Quebec Sales Tax ("QST") at 9.5% (effective January 1, 2012)
  • Manitoba: PST at 7%

My Pricelow Canada may provide CPA with the names of My Pricelow sellers as well as their contact information and sales records as a result of Federal court subpoena.

CPA use this information to determine if My Pricelow sellers reported the income the earned from sales made in My Pricelow Canada. An in event whereby individual or business fail to comply with tax laws, CPA will take additional actions such as penalties, legal actions and etc.

In order to avoid these penalties and fines, sellers who have failed to file income tax returns or who have not reported all their income can do so under Voluntary Disclosures program (VDP)

The Voluntary Disclosures program (VDP) allows taxpayers to come forward and correct inaccurate or in complete information or to disclose information they have not reported during previous dealings with the CPA, with penalty or prosecution.

A disclosure may be made for Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) purposes, as well as for charges under the softwood Lumber products Export Charges Act, 2006 or the Air Travelers Security Charge Act

Complete form RC 199, Taxpayer Agreement – Voluntary Disclosures program and attach it to your disclosure submission and any other supporting documents. Individual submission must be in writing and mailed or fax to the tax services office that has jurisdiction over the area where the taxpayer resides, while business submission must be in writing and mailed based on their operating address.

In an event whereby taxpayer disagrees with VDP decision, they may request a second review of their file by contacting the Director of tax service office where the original decision was issued.

Additional Information

  • Tax rate for all Canadian remain the same as in 2016. In fact, the last increase in HST was for Prince Edward Island (a raise of 1%) on October 1st 2016 (see the article).
Canada's   ProvinceRate   type (HST, GST, PST) Provincial   rateCanada   rateTotal
British   Columbia (BC)GST+PST7%5%12%
Newfoundland   and LabradorHST10%5%15%
Northwest   TerritoriesGST0%5%5%
Nova   ScotiaHST10%5%15%
Prince   Edward Island (PEI)HST10%5%15%
QuébecGST + QST9.975%5%14.975%
SaskatchewanGST + PST6%5%11%